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This wiki is about Neuroscience, including important topics as the Nervous Systems, its anatomy, physiology, diseases, etc. It also focuses on the brain and matters such as conscience and their relationship with neurons, the mind-body problem, conscience states and much more.

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There is only one recommendation made by User:Freud2008. Do not paste content from Wikipedia, this is a Wikia and is not meant to be a copy of Wikipedia neither a subset of articles. If you really need to do it, please only paste the first paragraph, the rest of it can be created by you or us. This is because this wikia's goal is to be less technical than wikipedia. It should be understandable by anyone and moreover, if we paste wikipedia articles here, it would be very hard to improve them (they are almost as complete as they must be, specially in neuroscience topics).

Where to start

Featured articles, May 2008

I am starting a new section where the best articles will be. you can vote for them at Forum:Featured Articles. They will be 3 works changed every month. Comments are appreciated. Freud2008 16:11, 9 May 2008 (UTC)